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Trial Equipment

Don't let equipment limitations come between your evidence and the jurors evaluating your case. AJL works with you to determine your equipment needs. We work with the court to set up all presentation equipment before you arrive, so that all you have to do is plug in and go.

  • Courtroom Projectors
  • Trial-Ready Laptops
  • iPad/Apple TV Setups
  • Document Cameras
  • LCD Monitors

Trial Technologists

Trial Director and PowerPoint can be exercises in frustration, especially under pressure in the courtroom or at 11 pm on the eve of trial. AJL's Trial Technicians are experienced in TrialDirector and Powerpoint. Our trial technicians are experienced in the rigors of trial and what it takes to seamlessly get your exhibits and video clips before the jury.

  • Retrieve and display exhibits and video clips in the courtroom
  • Facilitate exhibit preparation for electronic presentation
  • Electronic Litigation Support
  • On-the-fly video clip creation


Our clients' ideas come in on the back of napkins, in bullet point lists, tables in Word docs, excel spreadsheets, cell phone photos, voice mails. It is all communication-real, essential, need it now. Presenting your ideas visually is our mission.

We use industry standard graphics editing software to make sure your case – wherever it is visual – is presented clearly, fairly, and elegantly.

  • Demonstrative Timelines
  • Opening/Closing Powerpoints
  • Large-format Exhibit Printing
  • Satellite Maps


Whether it is actual real time video of an event or demeanor evidence of a key witness or your expert’s demonstrative video, visual evidence is compelling. And it has to play correctly the first time. AJL brings 34 years of broadcast quality video recording and editing to your case. HD and Standard Definition video recording and 3 different video editing platforms bring the most cost effective and reliable media tools for the job at hand.

  • Video depositions
  • Deposition video clip creation
  • Day in the Life videos
  • Site inspections